March 23rd, 2014
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The Explanation Why Hungry People Gets Angry Easily

Foods to ease anger and swing mood.

Apparently the saying is scientifically proven, that hungry people easily get angry. Some people get very irritated and angry when they are hungry or have skipped a mealtime. There are others who would just get on as if there has been no change in their routine and be normal. The faces of some people even wilt like a flower when they have skipped the usual time.

Foods to ease anger and swing mood

The Explanation Why Hungry People Gets Angry Easily

So why do hungry people easily get angry? Some people who are hungry also suffer from headaches, blurred vision, confusion and dizziness. Furthermore, hunger will make people really bad-tempered, irritable and cranky. Serotonin, the brain chemical linked to mood, plays a key role in regulating emotions such as aggression, British researchers said.

Its true that hunger do cause anger. This is because when people are left hungry for long periods, then the blood sugar levels in their body are deeply disturbed. Serotonin plays a key role , the nerve-signaling chemical targeted by many antidepressants, appears to keep aggressive social responses in check, Molly Crockett, a psychologist at the University of Cambridge and colleagues reported in the journal Science.

“Because we directly manipulated serotonin levels and observed an effect on behavior we can say there is a causal link between serotonin and aggressive responses,” Crockett said in a telephone interview.

Low blood sugar or hypoglycemia is what will make someone angry, so easily offended and angry. If the levels of serotonin in the body is low, it can also make people irritable and angry. Many nutritionists around the world also recommended to overcome anger with foods containing glucose or mood-enhancing foods to prevent hunger. Hypoglycemia is treated by restoring the blood glucose level to normal by the ingestion or administration of dextrose or carbohydrate foods.

Their research also helps explain why some people become combative or aggressive when hungry because the essential amino acid needed for the body to create serotonin is only obtained through diet.

The team used this knowledge to manipulate serotonin levels in 20 healthy volunteers who were then asked to play a situation game that tested their responses to fair and unfair offers of money. “It is an anger-driven response,” Crockett said. This knowledge could help doctors treat people with depression and anxiety disorders by teaching them ways to regulate emotions during decision making, especially in social situations, she added.

Controlling your anger :
Use relaxation, including deep breathing, to calm down when you become angry and anxious. Rage and anxiety cause your heart rate and blood pressure to accelerate. You may feel as though you are losing all of your self-control. Breathe deeply from your gut, slowly say a tranquil word (e.g., “relax”), and keep repeating it while breathing in and out. After that go eat…

Here are some foods that can ease anger:

  • Banana : Bananas are an excellent source of tryptophan and helps increase levels of serotonin in the body. Breakfast with bananas may prevent you from experiencing hunger and lethargy before lunch. Bananas are also rich in carbohydrates which are necessary for the absorption of tryptophan.
  • Almonds and Cheese : Almonds contain lots of tryptophan amino acid. Nuts are presented in the list of foods that have the highest levels of amino acids. When eating almonds, tryptophan enters the brain very quickly and serotonin levels increase. Cheese is a rich source of protein, tryptophan essential amino acid and carbohydrates. Thus, cheese helps improve mood and relieve crankiness and irritability.
  • Sweet orange juice : A glass of sweet orange juice can also reduce anger. Mixture of sugar in the orange juice makes the limits of patience more loosely than they should, so it is useful for controlling temperament and other negative emotions.

Zinc Helps Reduce Anger
A new Japanese study has found that taking daily supplements of zinc can decrease anger and depression in young women. As little as 7mg of zinc from zinc gluconate could significantly decrease hostile and dejected feelings. However, multivitamin supplements did not change the moods of the women in the study.

The women were all given multivitamins that provided 50% of Japanese recommended dietary allowances in order to evade vitamin deficiencies. Results of the study showed that women who took additional zinc supplements had higher zinc levels in the blood and had significant reductions in anger and depression measurements.

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